The Lost Glove Series:

 The Right Not Knowing What the Left is Doing


As the weather cools each Fall I find myself going through my glove drawer to grab a pair of gloves only to discover an odd assortment of gloves with no matching pairs. There are several right-handed gloves and one un-matching left handed glove. This has gotten me to wonder,  “Where are those missing gloves and what happens to them?”  This series explores the everyday phenomenology of lost gloves.

When we take notice, lost gloves are ubiquitous. They can be seen in the street, on the sidewalk, in the grass, on ledges, on fence posts, cars, trucks, flowerpots, railings, and steps. They are in restaurants, theaters, bowling alleys, bars, museums and flower shops. Good Samaritans pick them up and place them in an obvious location so the loser might retrieve if they retrace their tracks. Lost gloves are part of our landscape and become more prominent as we begin to notice them. Winter is the season when they are most likely to bloom.

   Jack LaForte